Customized RFID

Technical RFID tags and labels for demanding applications can be customized for each solution, aimed to deliver best performance. The tags can be 100% verified, withstand high temperatures and tough environments over many years. We provide everything from standard to advanced customized RFID tags.

Example of an RFID label.

Different applications require different solutions, no matter if an UHF of HF solution is needed.

Every layer has its specific task to perform. Depending on the task, each layer is carefully selected for this purpose.
Layer 1
High performance adhesive selected for the application.
Layer 2
Base material of the RFID inlay e.g. white or transparent PET.
Layer 3
Dry RFID Inlay, here any inlay can be used.
Layer 4
Inlay adhesive.
Layer 5
White base material e.g. OPET.
Layer 6
Adhesive to bond the layers.
Layer 7
Reversed printing 4c UV inkjet with variable print, offers high UV resistant and detailed print or screenprinted color print.
Layer 8
Surface protection transparent and scratch resistant polymer thickness depending on application and need e.g. OPET with uv blocker or PMMA.

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We can offer specialty solutions for your needs

You don’t need to have it all figured out before contacting us. We are your creative partner that will help you from the very beginning of the process of making the best solutions for your needs.
Container/Crate tags
Self-adhesive RFID tags for plastic containers must deliver best performance for many years in harsh conditions. Only with a multilayer material build-up, where every layer is customized for the application, can this be achieved. RFID, combined with high-resolution digital print, will make the product tag readable manually as well as with RFID readers.
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Heavy-duty Tags
RFID ICs are normally very sensitive to physical impact. Therefore, Nile has developed a multilayer build-up that reinforces the area where the IC is placed. The result is a heavy-duty function that enables the product to withstand a very tough environment.
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High-temp Tags
In industry, sometimes products are exposed to high temperatures. In order to use RFID technology for industrial applications (painting or cleaning), special material tags and inlay embedding must be used. We offer RFID products delivered on a roll or as stacked, single items.
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RFID for the Pharma Industry
The pharma industry requires 100% verified tags. With our specially-built, validated test systems, we stress each tag to its limits and replace products that do not withstand the test.

Only then can best performance be achieved.
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Tamper-it RFID Tags
Nile offers RFID Tamper-iT RFID security solutions. The Tamper-iT solutions can be based on HF frequency, which is readable with a smartphone as well as on a UHF frequency, which is also readable at a distance. With this new product platform, cost-effective and secure disposable locks can be offered.

If a seal has been broken, the tag ID changes to indicate the breach to the reader. The products are available as hard tags and self-adhesive labels delivered on reels.

Typical RFID products that we offer are:

  • UHF/HF labels

  • Payment stickers

  • Wristbands

  • Embedded tags

  • Event cards

  • NFC tags

  • Tags for in-mold

  • Tags for high-temperature applications

  • Flag tags

  • Tamperproof windshield tags

  • Durable crate tags

  • Race tags

  • On-metal tags

  • Heavy-duty tags

  • Customized antennas

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