Linxens has designed and manufactured more than 500 million electrochecmical sensors for point-of-care devices. Our decades of experience in design and mass production have led to an unique capacity to design medical grade électrodes for multiplex testing.


Biosensors have been importantly used in point-of-care testing. Point-of-Care has been a strong driver for patient care transformation, bringing in rapid testing and accelerating clinical decisions.

Today, we design and supply millions of electrodes for chronic diseases and blood gas monitoring.


Hydrophilic microfluidic circuit to drive the blood through channels and chambers before arriving on the electrode is required for complex point-of-care tests.
Linxens offers an effective process for reagent dispensing and top layer lamination in reel-to-reel.

Typical solutions include

Electrochemical sensors
Biosensors such as nickel/gold, carbon or Ag/AgCl electrodes
are commonly used in bioanalysis.

Linxens has long lasting experience in designing and manufacturing on reel-to-reel medical grade electrochemical sensors for multiple applications such as chronic diseases , infectious diseases or water analysis.
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Labels with integrated RFID
NILE is a proven world leader in providing high volumes to the pharma and diagnostic industry.

The technology are the same as for other industries but the conditions and demands are far more comprehensive.

“Zero failure”, 100% control, 100% performance test, 100% good tags on the reel, test and documentation are unique in Pharma and Diagnostic industry.

Adding RFID technology into diagnostic self-adhesive layers or labels offers

  • A eye of sight free reading

  • Re programable features in production.

  • Originality and security features

  • Multi reading and highspeed reading

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Microfluidics chips
For IVD´s we can offer cover layers with hydrophilic or hydrophobic adhesives. The adhesives can also be partially placed.
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