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Customer service / Supply chain

Jenny Näslund

Chief Supply Chain

André Bertilsson

Supply Chain

Jeanette Sundström

Supply Chain

Emma Zetterström

Supply Chain


Fredrik Eklund

Business Manager

Sourcing / Purchase

Jessica Svensson

Head Of Sourcing

Sourcing support

Martina Santesson

Sourcing support



Carina Bäckström Hassel

Chief Quality Officer

Pernilla Nilsson

Quality control support

Marlene Skarwig

Quality Engineer

Victoria Wingren Adamsson

Supply Quality Coordinator


Christofer Clarén

Chief Production & Technology Officer

Johan Santesson

Production Leader

Jimmy Sterner

Production Manager

Engineering / Project

Mikaela Seger

Project Manager

Tomas Berg

Project Manager

Jesper Johansson

Project Manager

Fredrik Thedeby

Chief Technical Officer

Alexander Vassiliadis

Project manager

Kent Rosberg

Project Manager


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