Chronic Disease

From design and construction via prototyping to full-scale volume production, we can help you designing the right solution. Our ability to combine printed and die cut multilayer solutions gives you endless possibilities with quick to market solutions.

Chronic Diseases

Diabetes and cardiopathies are the most common chronic diseases. Linxens has gained strong expertise in designing and manufacturing complex solutions for testing and monitoring chronic diseases. The specific needs for these disorders require deep understanding of medical context and patient requirements, that is what we deliver to all our customers for customized solutions.

Typical solutions include

We are not a std label provider. But we can do very special labels, Specialty labels with or without print that is aimed to serve special functions on the product. The ability to put adhesive partially literally where it is needed means that very special functions can be achieved.
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Multilayer stack with capillary channels
Combining several different die-cut layers into one final solution enables us to manufacture a multistack where every layer serve its tailored function. The adhesive can be cut so that capillary channels are created. Capable to transfer liquids in the way it is designed.
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Multilayer construction
Our ability to almost add any number of layers together that has different shapes and materials gives the customer the freedom to design very special solutions.
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Different adhesive placed partially under the product
With Linxens advanced converting printing and converting capabilities we are able to create labels that has different types of adhesives on different parts of the labels. Eg some area can include a low tack “open and close” adhesive and another area are with high tack adhesive.

Even adhesives partially on both sides of the label can be created.
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Integrated security solutions
Linxens can offer a variety of different security solutions as:

  • Including 3D micro optical material

  • Including holographic material

  • Tamper functions

  • Tamper functions with tear open functions

  • Solutions including RFID

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Complex die cut shapes and holes
As a highly technical converter we can die cut products and labels with very complex shapes and holes. That gives the customer a greater freedom to create solutions for the needed application.
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