The definition of capability is the ability to do something. We can do a lot!

From design to engineering to validated volume production. With highly advanced and technical machines, we have the right tools. But machines alone won’t do the job. Even more important than machines, we offer you an experienced and passionate team.


Nile´s product development department can help design and engineer your product for manufacturability, as well as provide input on required validation and testing methods. Engineers can utilize an existing Illustrator AI, Corel Draw, DWG AutoCAD, or DXF file to produce a prototype or can assist in creating a drawing according to your specifications. Collaborative engineer-to-engineer communication allows for an innovative design partnership approach.

All materials, adhesives, and equipment are evaluated and qualified to provide the most efficient and effective design solution. Master Design Files are developed and approved between Nile and our customer’s project team, to ensure successful progression through each stage-gate of the development process.

Clean Room Manufacturing

To meet product with clean room production demand, we offer products produced in and under the routines of ISO class 8.


Nile´s prototyping capabilities gives designers and engineers the opportunity to test performance on pre-commercial quantities of parts, before committing to expensive production tooling and setup costs. Prototyping offers the flexibility of evaluating and changing a design with the assurance of future scalability to production quantities.

Precision die cutting

With state-of-art rotary and semi-rotary converting machines, we are able to precision die-cut material as films, foils, foams, and paper. Individual servo control at each die station also allows for another critical factor in web converting: precise tension control.

Each die cutting machine nip station can be set at a different speed ratio, to allow you to create tension zones with the press of a button. With multiple individually servo-driven die-cut stations, the tightest and most accurate register and re-register can be achieved.

The machines and the unique software are unparalleled in their ability to make corrections based on incoming eye marks, in order to put the cut in precisely the right place automatically.

We convert material in widths up to 330mm web width.

Multi-layer laminating

Nile is an expert in laminating material layers with high precision. The layers can be cut in register, prior to laminating with other materials.

Laser cutting

Nile offers reel-to-reel high-speed laser cutting and engraving. For the most complex shapes or small holes, die-cut tools will not do the job. The CO2 galvo laser processing takes the technology further.

We laser cut on the fly up to 330mm web width.

Roll to roll screen printing

Nile screen prints widths up to 420mm web width. With active X & Y registration of the print, high precision can be achieved. The inks that are used are either cured with UV, UV-led, or heat cured. With heat curing capabilities of 45mtrs of web mtrs, the most challenging inks and pastes can be cured with high output. Virtually endless amounts of prints can be done, due to the machines’ re-registration possibilities.

Roll to roll UV-Ink jet printing

We offer UV ink jet printing at web width up to 330mm. The digital technology enables fast image changes and variable prints such as number or codes.

With a very high resolution (up to 720×1260 dpi), low migration ink is printed in speeds of up to 40 mtrs/min.

RFID converting

With state-of-art converting machines, we are able to precision-die-cut RFID inlays with very tight tolerances. At the same time, we can laminate adhesives or laminate layers that have been separately die-cut in register to the inlay.

The conversion can be made in high speed roll to roll, or roll to single items stacked.


Nile offers assembly on non-reel feed products such as moulded parts, metal studs, etc., to be fitted and assembled on multilayer products delivered as single items or to be delivered on roll.

Cut to pieces

Sometimes the final product will be used by consumers, and therefore roll delivery of the products is not possible. Nile produces the product either roll to roll or roll to PCS. The cut to PCS from roll material can be done at tight tolerances and in high speed. The PCS can then be bundled with bands.

RFID test and Encoding

For RFID products, we are able to encode and verify the RFID performance, so that we can deliver products with certain specifications. The encoding can be paired with visual codes or numbers, or created from a given list; or each RFID product can be checked performance-wise, so that only products with the requested performance are delivered.

We can even perform a 100% stress test on each product. This guarantees that antennas, or often IC connections, are 100% controlled for all products delivered. Tags with irregular performance will then be removed and replaced, so there are 100% quality-verified tags on the reels.

Blister and blister pack

If your final product needs to be packed in a blister pack, we offer heat-formed PET blisters. We can also do liners, which for technical reasons have to have a recess somewhere on the liner, for example in the area a hydrogel must be placed. Smart packing solutions can often create a better experience of quality and usability.

UoR – Units on Roll

We also offer non-reel-born products delivered on adhesives on reels. The advantage of volume application of products on reels is, for many industries, a vital need for precise and cost-effective application. The product may be stainless steel-etched nameplates or moulded plastic parts.

Vision control

The only way to guarantee 100% is by using vision control. Our in-line camera vison system allows us to look for print errors and material splices, check and verify codes, and also continuously measure critical dimensions.